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4 danger signs “Thyroid toxicity”

News of the death of a famous artist recently occurred. It probably makes us hear the name ” toxic thyroid ” more often, but many people still think that “It’s not a common disease. Maybe we won’t have any problems.” But did you know that? Hyperthyroidism is a condition that can happen to anyone.

4 danger signs "Thyroid toxicity"

Many people may have had friends or family members who were sick with this disease. But thyroid toxicity is another type of disease that the general public still may not understand what causes it. How dangerous is it? Or who is at risk of this disease? Dr. Parinya Samakklai, internist, doctor who specializes in diabetes and endocrinology. Vimut Hospital I will explain easily. Let us understand more about this disease. Plus how to spot suspicious symptoms that may lead to hyperthyroidism.

What is hyperthyroidism?

“Thyroid is not like other diseases that we can treat ourselves. If we have suspicious symptoms The only thing that can be done and must be done immediately is to see a specialist doctor. Perform a thyroid test to find the cause and treat the cause only.” This is the first thing Dr. Parinya warns about hyperthyroidism.

“Simply, it is when the thyroid gland produces too much hormone. Or the thyroid gland becomes inflamed, causing abnormally high levels of thyroid hormone to be secreted. which may be caused by genetics People who have family members with thyroid disease There is a greater risk of this disease. Another factor is related to autoimmune disease, or Autoimmune, in which the body produces certain substances that stimulate the thyroid to produce higher hormones. In short,  this disease is a disorder of the body that we cannot control. And as the saying goes, anyone can get this disease – but it can also be treated. ”

Although this disease has the main causes above, statistics indicate that women are at higher risk of developing thyroid toxicity from autoimmune disease or Graves’ Disease than men and can occur at any age. This fact makes all women need to check themselves more.

Danger signs “Thyroid toxicity”

For the general public who still doesn’t know if they have hyperthyroidism or not, Dr. Parinya also gives advice on how to check the symptoms roughly because thyroid hormones are involved in metabolic processes in the body. heartbeat body temperature Therefore, we can observe 5 initial symptoms that may indicate hyperthyroidism, including:

  1. Palpitations, irregular heartbeat
  2. Hands shake, sweat easily, feel hot
  3. Easily irritated More sensitive than normal people
  4. Weight loss, diarrhea, or irregular menstrual periods in women 3

abnormally enlarged thyroid gland Fortunately, we now have Smart Watches or Smart Bands that can monitor our heart rate. If we have palpitations or a very high heart rate That is, higher than the range of 90-120. In some people, it may be as high as 150 continuously. Together with the other symptoms mentioned, it is a clear warning sign that you need to see a doctor immediately to check your thyroid values. Or in some cases where the thyroid gland has grown into many abnormal lumps, they may need an ultrasound to see what the cause is ทางเข้า ufabet

The dangers of hyperthyroidism

In fact, hyperthyroidism is considered a syndrome. It depends on the diagnosis of what other hidden diseases the patient has. Therefore, the risk of death depends on how quickly we observe ourselves and detect symptoms. The death rate will be much lower. If we leave it until the symptoms become more severe The work of the heart will be poor and may cause heart failure. or some groups will develop severe hepatitis and result in death. Another thing to be careful of is that if thyroid toxicity occurs in an elderly patient who is over 60 years old, all the symptoms mentioned may not be obvious, for example if an elderly patient has symptoms of being easily tired. sweat easily Patients may come in with heart disease or serious symptoms. Therefore, elderly people who have abnormal symptoms must come for examination immediately.

How to treat hyperthyroidism

Technology for treating hyperthyroidism has advanced significantly. It can be treated in many ways, depending on what causes thyroid toxicity. For the treatment of diabetes center Endocrine glands and weight control Wimut Hospital, if the symptoms are mild, the doctor will just give you medicine. Many people took the medicine for about a year and a half and were cured. or ingesting minerals to destroy the thyroid gland that normally produces high levels of hormones or some cases where treatment with the first two methods was ineffective Your thyroid gland may need to be surgically removed. Which at present is quite safe. It’s important to know early when symptoms are mild. The easier it will be to treat.

We now know that thyroid is a treatable disease. It is not a dangerous disease that requires panic. You just have to be aware and be careful and keep observing yourself. It can be detected at an early stage. If you have symptoms that qualify Then come see the doctor. And if detected, it is not difficult to treat and heals quickly. It is important to see a specialist doctor. Especially internists, endocrinologists, and thyroid doctors will make the treatment as effective for the patient as possible.