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Wolverhampton 2-1 Chelsea: Collected points after the Premier League game, the Blue Lions. Returned to attacking form and was mauled by the Wolves.

Mauricio Pochettino’s Chelsea still hasn’t recovered from the attack. Wolverhampton beat 2-1 in the Premier League game last Sunday night.

Wolverhampton 2-1 Chelsea: Collected points after the Premier League game, the Blue Lions. Returned to attacking form and was mauled by the Wolves.

Chelsea striker can’t take it anymore

In this game, especially in the first half, Chelsea almost folded the field to attack Wolves, with the opportunity to do something completely different. But as always, when there’s an opportunity, Chelsea’s attackers probably like the excitement. Thinking that if they miss a game it won’t be fun at all, like deliberately shooting birds and fishing repeatedly, especially Nicholas Jackson, the striker who is a favorite of Singha fans. Blue loves you so much right now that even scolding him in the morning and scolding him in the evening doesn’t seem to get any better. Plus Sterling’s solo shot, this one was the most scolding because there were a lot of friends next to him, but the shot was blocked by Jose Sa, who didn’t know what to say at all.

The defenders are just as tough.

Originally, Chelsea’s offensive game had not been a prominent feature since the era of Thomas Tuchel, but it was successful because of a defense that was as strong as a rock. But.. at this time the striker is still consistently blind but The defensive game is equally tough. Especially with personal mistakes that are seen in almost every game and “everyone”, even big brother like Thiago Silva. Often in almost every match. As for today, neither Disasi nor his substitute, Badilshil, were involved with him. Especially the latter which made the team lose goals continuously for two games in a row.

Nkunku, new hope for the Blues

From the sea-going form of Chelsea attackers throughout the past half of the season. At least they still have a little hope with Christophe Nkunku, the French attacker who has just recovered from injury and has scored his first goal with the สมัคร ufabet team. Plus, looking at the form, even though it’s not too impressive yet, it looks like it’s in shape. Find the right moment to finish. If you were to ask Blues fans, which striker do they expect the most? This person’s name is definitely at the top of the list right now.

Chelsea’s goal must be to win the “Mickey Mouse” trophy only.

It seems that Chelsea’s only chance of getting to play European football. This season is only winning the Carabao Cup. Where they have now reached the final 4 and will meet with Middlesbrough, a Championship team. If nothing goes wrong. They will probably be able to meet Liverpool again in the final, but they must get past The Boro of Michael Carrick first. Because from the looks of it, ranking in the league would be difficult to squeeze into the top half of the table. With a performance like this, just being able to maintain 10th place until the end of the season is considered good.