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Dangers from “formalin” and how to buy seafood safely

We may have heard for a long time. That “formalin” has been detected in seafood in order to preserve the freshness of the food for a longer time. And what’s scary is that at present. It’s still randomly detected. We as consumers should have some knowledge and understanding on this matter. To reduce the dangers that may arise from consuming seafood for both yourself and your family.

Dangers from “formalin” and how to buy seafood safely

What is formalin?

Dr. Tharet Krasanairawiwong. The Secretary-General of the Food and Drug Administration revealed. Formalin is a toxic substance used in the chemical, plastic, and textile manufacturing industries. As a disinfectant and fungicide. In this โปรโมชั่น ufabet case. The operator used it in the wrong way. To keep food fresh for a long time Not easily perishable

Danger from formalin contaminating food

Eating food contaminated with large amounts of formalin can cause abnormal symptoms in the body, including:

  • severe headache 
  • stomach ache 
  • The mouth and throat become dry. 
  • fast heartbeat 
  • tightness in the chest 
  • There may be catharsis. 
  • nausea vomiting 
  • Can’t urinate or have blood in the urine
  • Tired 
  • Sweating, feeling cold 
  • wordlessly


Food found to be contaminated with formalin

Formalin may be found in common fresh seafood. Especially squid and jellyfish, as well as other types of seafood such as crispy squid, sabai nang, and lady finger nails, etc.

How to buy and eat seafood that is safe from formaldehyde.

For consumers to purchase seafood, they can use the smell method. If the food has a pungent odor that stings the nose Suspect the presence of formalin. And before cooking, you should wash it thoroughly. Because most of the formalin will be completely washed away. Due to its water-soluble properties. And should cook food until cooked before consumption 

Government slams consumers for mixing formaldehyde in food

Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Ministry of Public Health would like to inform you that Formalin can naturally occur in living things in certain quantities. Current analytical techniques are unable to differentiate between naturally occurring formalin and formaldehyde. That are intentionally added to food in order to have an effect on preservation. And the results of the analysis found a high amount of formalin.  And announce the results of the verification to the public as well