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7 dangerous things you should never do before going to bed Otherwise, the body is definitely broken.

Friends who have insomnia restless Or there may be other abnormalities with the body that haven’t yet found the cause. You may be hurting your body unknowingly. Health reminds you what not to do before going to bed.

7 dangerous things you should never do before going to bed Otherwise, the body is definitely broken.

7 dangerous things you should never do before going to bed

1. Play on your mobile phone, read a book from an e-book reader, or watch TV before bedtime.

Whether it’s a chat line saying good night watch makeup video scrolling โปรโมชั่น ufabet facebook feed Or read your favorite book through an electronic reader, tablet or e-book reader. These behaviors disturb your body’s rest without you realizing it. The blue light from these electronic screens is responsible for less melanin production and function. Especially if you are already a person who has a hard time falling asleep. Concentration and using your eyes will keep your nerves awake all the time. Until the brain is awake and does not want to rest

2. Send messages to chat with friends.

We believe that anyone reading this must have had a chat with a friend and then turned off the lights to go to bed. But a good friend still sends good night stickers, kisses, or good night kisses. Accidentally sends many stickers. Until the phone beeped several times before it went silent. Where will the light from the bright screen flash until it hurts the eyes? How can you fall asleep like this, right?

3. Eating food,

whether it’s a big meal, a small meal, or even a drink like tea, coffee, can cause the stomach to work outside the time. to digest the food you eat Therefore, the body is not resting in every part as it should be. Therefore, 4-6 hours before going to bed, you should stop eating. drink water to support stomach Then go eat again for breakfast the next day.

4. Do not sleep when you should sleep.

Have you ever had to stay up late or all night in order to perform tasks that are so rushed that we have to sacrifice sleep time for work? Frequent sleeping at unusual times like this Will cause the body’s system to fluctuate so variable that the body may not be able to adjust in time It’s time to lay down, so I can’t sleep as usual. Therefore, if it is not really necessary change from working all night It’s better to wake up earlier than usual and continue working in the morning.

5. Check your email

, especially if it’s work. In addition to the blue light from the screen to damage eye health and destroy melanin substances that help your sleep. Your brain health will continue to work hard from reading, processing, figuring out answers to typing back emails. Plus, unless you’re hurting your own health. Also hurting other people’s health by sending emails at night. A time when others should be resting separately. If you have something to talk about in the morning, it’s better.

6. Drink a lot of water before going to bed.

Drinking water never harms the body. But too much of anything often has a negative effect on them. If you drink too much water before bed You will have to get up to go to the bathroom during the night. which is in the middle of the night It’s a time when you should get a long night’s sleep. The more someone who is difficult to sleep To be able to go back to sleep again It may become difficult right away.

7. Vigorous exercise

exercise especially playing cardio Causing the heartbeat to increase faster, blood pumping throughout the body The body works in proportion. But that also means you’ll have to leave longer distances for your body to calm down. work normally to adjust to rest mode so exercise But don’t exercise when it’s close to bedtime.

If you can stop these things Rest assured that your sleep will not be difficult anymore. or if you still have trouble sleeping It is advisable to consult a doctor for proper treatment. Before the body does not have enough rest until falling sick again