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Grading Chelsea’s players in the Premier League game, losing to Wolverhampton 2-1 : Player Ratings

v Wolverhampton came back 2-1 in Sunday night’s Premier League game.

Grading Chelsea's players in the Premier League game, losing to Wolverhampton 2-1: Player Ratings

Chelsea player ratings

Jorje Petrovic – 7 –  Made some nice saves to help the ufabet team on several occasions. As for the conceded goal, they were too close to be able to do much.

Levi Colville – 6 –  Deployed at right-back. Not tested much on the edge. But still has no role in the offensive game with the team as well.

Axel Disasi – 6 –  had a chance to let the ball through his legs and almost got punished. Overall the first half played well. But after that they seemed to start having problems when they were attacked in the second half.

Thiago Silva – 6 –  Another mistake in his own half. In addition, the speed of the Wolves offensive line was difficult to deal with in the second half.

Malo Gusto – 6 –  tried to add to the game throughout the game. There are some opportunities to open from the sidelines. But it still hasn’t hit the target as it should.

Lesley Ugochukwu – 5 –  Cutting through the game in midfield. His role in the attacking game was not much, and he made a mistake in chasing down Lemina until he was an important part in causing the team to concede the first goal.

Connor Gallagher – 7 –  Works hard to chase the ball in midfield. He is the person who connects the ball to connect the game from the back to the front.

Raheem Sterling – 7 –  Flashes after being taken into dangerous territory Missed a solo moment where a friend who was free chose to shoot but shot and made a save. However, there was still 1 assist from the opening for Nkunku to head in.

Cole Palmer – 6 –  Free playmaker Who keeps moving to connect the game in the front line Even though he played with the ball often, today he still didn’t create many opportunities for the team.

Armando Broya – 4 –  Had very little chance to play with the ball. Plus, there was a chance from the moment he shot close in the penalty area, but it was an incredible hit.

Nicholas Jackson – 4 –  Another game with a very disappointing performance, having the ball in dangerous areas many times. But at the last moment, he still thought slowly, acted slowly and made all the mistakes.


Christoph Nkunku (replacing Ugochukwu, 59th) – 7 –  came to stand as a center forward. Got to play with the ball a bit, along with hitting the goal and breaking eggs for the team during injury time. Plus, he nearly scored another goal but was narrowly blocked off the line.

Mikaylo Mudrik (in place of Broya 59) – 6 –  tried to go with the ball on the edge. But still unable to feed himself Haven’t created an opportunity for the team yet.

Ian Matsen (replacing Colville 79) – 5 –  came on as a left-back. Still can’t top it up very often.

Bernoit Badilcheil (replacing Gusto in the 80th minute) – 4 –  made another mistake in this game from a missed tackle that went straight into the path of Doherty, who shot at close range.

Noni Madueke (in place of Jackson 80) – 6 –  tried to go with the ball on the starboard side. But still haven’t created many opportunities.