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Lukaku reveals that it’s not dangerous, only when scoring goals

Although there are a lot of offensive options. There is not a single natural center forward. While Timo Werner seems to have a fair amount of goalscoring issues. It is better at creating chances for his team-mates. As a result, Chelsea need to immediately look for a new target striker to join the team to strengthen their offensive game despite winning the UEFA Champions League. But adding a new target striker to join the team will helped to raise Chelsea’s offensive game a lot.

Romelu Lukaku is the main target of Chelsea after a very good performance with Inter Milan. Although Inter Milan do not want to let the key players out of the team, but due to financial problems. Inter Milan had to accept the offer made by Chelsea immediately and Romelu Lukaku appears to have performed quite well with four goals in nine appearances. Romelu Lukaku was not at all okay with what many said he was a goalkeeper.

“A lot of people say I’m a striker who only waits for the ball in front of goal, which I’m not okay with at all and I haven’t played like that either because my danger is when I’m facing the bottom. On the opposite side, every time I pass the ball, I immediately run into the gap in the opposite area and personally I try to do everything to get involved in the goal as much as possible.”