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Matches: [ Americas Major League ] Columbus Crew VS Nashville FC

Matches: [ Americas Major League ] Columbus Crew VS Nashville FC

Race time : Wednesday 21 July 2021 06:30 bein2 live

Open Rate: Columbus Crew 0 / 0.5
racetrack MAPFRE Stadium.

Last meeting of all ufabet events
USA MLS 30/11/20 Columbus Crew 0-0 Nashville SC
USA MLS 20/09/20 Columbus Crew 2-0 Nashville SC

Overall host
USA MLS 18/07/21 Columbus Crew 2-1 New York City FC
10/07/21 FC Cincinnati 2-2 Columbus Crew
USA MLS 04/07/ 21 Columbus Crew 2-2 New England Revolution
28/06/21 Austin FC 0-0 Columbus Crew
USA MLS 24/06/21 Philadelphia 1-0 Columbus Crew
20/06/21 Columbus Crew 2-0 Chicago Fire
USA MLS 30/05/21 Columbus Crew 2-1 Toronto FC
23/05/21 New York City FC( N) 1-2 Columbus Crew
USA MLS 17/05/21 New England Revolution 1-0 Columbus Crew
13/05/21 Toronto FC(N) 2-0 Columbus Crewe

Overall Away Team
USA MLS 18/07/21 Nashville SC 5-1 Chicago Fire
09/07/21 Nashville SC 2-2 Atlanta United
USA MLS 04/07 /21 Nashville SC 1-0 Philadelphia
27/06/21 Nashville SC 1-1 Montreal Impact
USA MLS 24/06/21 Nashville A SC 3-2 Toronto FC
19/06/21 New York Red Bulls 2-0 Nashville SC
USA MLS 30/05/21 Atlanta United 2-2 Nashville SC
24/05/21 Nashville SC 1-0 Austin FC
USA MLS 16/05/21 Real Salt Lake 0-0 Nashville SC
09/05/21 Nashville SC 2-0 New England Revolution

Probability :

Columbus Crew’s late form was good enough to some extent. They are unbeaten 4 times in a row, their strength is still an offensive line that shoots 6 goals, the defensive line loses 5 goals in Nashville SC, the work is available. Unbeaten for 5 consecutive matches, scored 12 goals, lost 6 goals, full of confidence Ranked 7th at the moment, the record of meeting as the host is superior to Nashville SC coming out to play outside the nest. but not a deputy local at all The open price rate is given to Columbus Crew, 0/0.5, pressed second without thinking at all, it’s sure to be ok.

Expected match result: Nashville SC 1-1
Open rate: Columbus Crew vs 0/0.5
Confidence: 7/10.