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Tuchel admits that some players may be released from the team

Chelsea need to release many players from the team. Although some players have already been released from the team. But it seems not enough for Chelsea because recently. There are still many players who are likely to be released from Chelsea. Such as Tammy Abraham, Kurt Zouma, Marcos Alonso, Emer. Son Palmeira has yet to contact any team to bring in Chelsea’s surplus players.

Thomas Tuchel admits Chelsea are forced to let some players out of the squad because they will not be able to register as many as 42 players in the upcoming season. Thomas Tuchel told reporters. “After all the players returned, I tried to list all the players. Which was up to 42 and there was no possibility that there were that many players in the squad. So I decided to let go. Some players left the team even though it was a very difficult decision.”

Although there are many players in the squad, Chelsea have plans to bring Romelu Lukaku to the team to strengthen their attack and if Chelsea close the deal with Romelu. Lukaku has already blown up Tammy Abraham’s future as Chelsea face Villarreal in the UEFA Super Cup before facing Crystal Palace. H in the English Premier League