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Barcelona are confident that Christensen will be able to join the team.

Barcelona are confident that Chelsea’s Danish defender Andreas Christensen will accept an offer to move forward with just a few months left on his contract.

Previously, Andreas Christensen had been linked with a move. Because he was rarely given the opportunity to play. But after being replaced by manager Thomas Tuchel. It seemed like the opportunity to play. Andreas Christensen’s will increase. Some games have started as well. With his contract expiring. Chelsea will try to extend Andreas Kri’s contract.

Making news of the transfer of Andreas Christensen’s team back again. It is Barcelona who clearly expressed their desire for Andreas Christensen to join the team. While Chelsea do not want to let Andreas Christensen leave the team.

Most recently, Barcelona have advanced by offering a contract. Andreas Christensen already considered in the hopes of joining the team before the 2021/22 season ends. If Ande Reiss Christensen has agreed that he will move ahead of the club. Barcelona are confident that talks will go well. Until Chelsea will not want Andreas. Christensen left the UFABET team.

Barcelona are currently working day and night to agree a deal with Chelsea duo Cesar Azpilicueta and Andreas Christensen ahead of the summer transfer window.

The Catalan giants are looking at strong players to bolster their squads while limiting spending given the strenuous financial situation of the club.

Both Blues defenders are coming to the end of their contract and will be available as free agents in the summer of 2022.