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Pep regrets what happened to Chelsea

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has mourned with Chelsea. Thomas Tuchel’s players after being blocked by Chelsea at all costs. Whether it was a transfer ban or a transfer ban will not sell tickets.

Chelsea have been hit hard by Russia’s declaration of war. They have continued to fire on Ukraine despite sanctions from several European countries. English football federation Ready to do everything for Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich to sell the club immediately. Roman Abramovich has no problem selling Chelsea. Even though it is a club that Roman Abramovich loves with a lot of dedication over the years.

But most recently, the English Football Federation also raised the sanctions by banning Roman Abramovich from selling Chelsea in all cases. As well as prohibiting the transfer of players within the UFABET team as well. Chelsea and the latest to have bad news because the sponsor is preparing to withdraw. Forcing Chelsea to play without a sponsor immediately in the next match. By the incident at Chelsea C has been facing over the past few weeks.

I’ve only seen the headlines and don’t know any details about it. So I’m just giving it a bit more time to understand what’s going on. But what’s going on is likely to cause some discomfort for Che’s players. Chelsea a lot and I’m very sorry about the incident. Despite the bad news, Chelsea still beat Norwich City successfully in the last match.